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Is AO3 Down?

Hi, as you know, AO3 is known to be down or have server outage occasionally, so I thought it would be helpful to quickly show how you can check if the Archiveofourown website is down or if its is just your connection.

To check if Archive of Our Own (AO3) is down, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit is a website that tracks the status of various websites and online services, including AO3. Go to the website.
  2. Search for In the search bar on the website, type “” or “” and press Enter.
  3. Check the Status: say Yes or No. And will display a graph or report showing the recent status and reported outages for AO3. You can see if there’s a spike in reported issues or if the service is currently down.
  4. Check the AO3 Status on Twitter: Another way to check if AO3 is down is to visit their official social media accounts, such as Twitter. AO3’s Twitter account will post status updates if there are problems.
  5. Check with Friends or try another device: If you have friends or fellow users who also access AO3, you can ask them if they are experiencing issues. Sometimes, issues may be local or specific to certain regions. You can also try another device with another connection such as your mobile phone.
  6. Wait and Try Again: Sometimes, temporary glitches can occur. If you’re unsure, you can wait for a while and then try accessing AO3 again.

Alternatively, try This website will load the AO3 website from 6 locations around the world, and display the results, so you can see if there are local outages.

is ao3 down will check from 6 different locations at once.

Remember that website status can change, so if you find that AO3 is currently down, it’s a good idea to check back later to see if the issue has been resolved. AO3 may post updates on their official website or social media accounts if they are aware of technical problems and are working on a solution.

Why was AO3 Down in 2023?

AO3, ArchiveofOurOwn, said it was down for 24 hours on 11th of Juli 2023 because of a distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, which is a type of attack where hackers overwhelm a site. A group claiming to be ‘Anonymous Sudan’ took credit for the attack, and demanded a ransom of 30.000$ in Bircoin to to stop the operation. has since been moved to Cloudflare servers, that have a DDOS attack protection service, so I hope that this will now happen again.

For more see our FAQ section on the AO3 Homepage.

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